Monday, October 6, 2014

More Alike than Different

Today I will begin to post a series of lessons that have been designed for you to do with your high school buddies serving in your club or to begin to expose campaigner friends to the idea of reaching out to kids with disabilities in their schools.  Let's not miss the opportunities to help our buddies grow and process, alongside of a YL leader, while they are serving in our ministries!

More Alike Than Different

Intro Questions

  • Have you ever interacted with people with disabilities before?
  • If so, in what ways did you find that you were alike?
  • Were you surprised by the commonalities?

John 8: 1-11
This woman is brought before a group of people because they are trying to discipline her for an act that she had done and they want to trap Jesus.

Imagine how the woman must have felt, standing before this group of people.

  • What kind of emotions do you think she must have had?
  • What do you think the crowd was doing or saying while she was being brought up front and standing there?
  • How were the actions of the woman different than the actions of teachers of the law and the Pharisees?
  • What was Jesus’ point in writing on the ground?
  • How do you think the woman felt as the eyes of so many left her and went to Jesus?
  • How do you think she felt when no one was left but Jesus and he freed her to go?

Jesus’ actions show us that though our actions may be different, we are all alike.  It’s easy to look at this woman and judge, but Jesus’ example calls us to bring our eyes away from judging and to see the similarities between us and those that we see as different from us. 

Let’s watch a video about some people with disabilities who are use to feeling like this woman, but long to be seen more like us. 


Discussion Questions
  • What surprises you about this video?
  • If you were to see one of these people in your school, would you have thought any of these things to be true about them?
  • What things did these people mention that are similar to you?
    • Sports fans, American Idol fans, Loving exercise, Going to College, Wanting to be skinny….

  • Who, in your school, is different than you from an outward appearance?
  • Look for opportunities in the next two weeks to find ways that you are  “more alike than different” from one or two of those people.

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